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Thank you for completing the questionnaire! Please read below for next steps:

Step 1: Gather all of the following documents 

  • Needed Documents (if you have a significant other/spouse, this is for both parties in the household)
    • Full Investment Statements
      • i.e. 401K, IRA, Roth IRA, Individual/Joint/Trust, 529, Health Savings Accounts, etc.
    • Social Security Statements ( ) 
    • Pension statement for desired retirement dates
      • (provide all survivorship options)
    • Most Recent Tax Return showing all schedules
    • Recent paystubs
    • Debt statements:
      • Mortgage statement(s)
      • Car loan statements
      • Any other debt statements (besides credit cards you pay off monthly)

Step 2: Complete the below data gathering form in it's entirety:

AGL Data Gathering

Step 3: Once you have gathered all documents from Step 1 and have completed the form from Step 2 in its entirety, then please reach out to Hayden Cash at to open your secure vault to upload all items at one time.

Once all needed items are received, our firm will build your Financial Checkup and follow up with financial planning techniques to consider. The build time for your Financial Checkup is typically 2-3 weeks from when all items are received in good order.

We acknowledge the sensitivity of the information requested and prioritize data security and privacy through secure uploading. All details mentioned above are essential for your comprehensive financial checkup. Recognizing the significance of retirement planning, we uphold high standards without compromising on its thoroughness.